Mary Bowser, former slave of the Van Lew family, infiltrated the Confederacy by working as a servant in the household of Jefferson Davis. Bowser was assumed to be illiterate, and as a black woman was below suspicion. Practically invisible, she was able to listen to conversations between Confederate officials and read sensitive documents, gathering information that she handed over to the Union.

(From National Woman’s History Museum Facebook Page)

This needs to be a movie. Like, now.

I’d watch this movie.

How is this not a movie?

This would be a great damn movie

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A sixteen year old girl is dead


Because she had the audacity to refuse an invitation to prom. Maren Sanchez is dead, murdered by a sixteen year old classmate who flew into a rage when Sanchez declined to be his date.

Maren Sanchez is dead, and multiple media outlets have the goddamn audacity to…

This is absolutely about male entitlement. The only reason somebody would get *angry* – angry enough to murder a fellow human being – for turning him down for a date is that he believed she was doing something wrong or unfair. The only reason he would believe she was doing something wrong or unfair is that he felt he was entitled to her attentions just for existing, that his right to “have” a girl he liked was more important than her right to decide where and with whom she wanted to spend time – and given what this horrible crime revealed about his character, who can blame her for wanting to stay away from him?

And why did he believe this? Because he was raised in a society where male protagonists in movies always get the girl as a reward at the end, where women are “bitches” for not wanting to date “nice guys”, and where major media outlets tacitly condone the idea that Maren Sanchez’s expression of her own human autonomy somehow made her at fault for what was done to her.


'then write one' is such a fucking shitty response to the desire for more representation in media

guess what? i write shit that i want to see in media all of the goddamn time

and eight thousand fucking notes on my post is proof i am not alone in this desire

people create these things all of the time

but they are kept quiet, their voices are taken and modified for the status quo

don’t ask us ‘to write one’

ask about what happened after we did and why you’ve never heard of it

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If a young woman in middle school or high school hangs up a poster of Barack Obama in her room, this is seen as acceptable. It’s fine for women to admire men and want to be like them.

If a young man (the same age) hangs up a poster of Hillary Clinton in his room, this is seen as odd (maybe even troubling, is he gay? Oh no!).

Society tells us young men can’t think of women as role models, unless they’re a family member, whereas young women can admire and seek to emulate anyone, regardless of gender.

If you’re a young man, and if you have a poster on your wall with a woman, she had better be half-naked in a bikini, even if the Ronald Reagan or Gen. Patton poster next to it obviously features the man fully-clothed.

Young men are not to taught to think of women as role models. They are taught to think of them as either family members or sexual objects. There is no other category presented. (via there-was-a-girl)

Are You a Creep or a Flirt?


(Some small thoughts inspired by this post by Hannah Waters and by so many other stories we’re all sadly familiar with.)

There is something very wrong with a lot of men.

I say that with pain and complete mystification. Those of you who know me know that I’m fascinated by sexuality,…

This is so important. Possibly the best response to sexual harassment apologists I’ve ever read.
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